Rigging Ryan Salzman's 921 Elite Phoenix - 2023

Rigging Ryan Salzman's 921 Elite Phoenix - 2023

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wetumpka marine electronics   wetumpka marine electronics

Ryan fishes the MLF Bass Pro Tour. We work with him to ensure everything is rigged perfectly for his 2023 season. He is sponsored by Lowrance, Seaclear, Bass Boat Technologies, and Powerpole. Those are the products that will be installed. 

  • 1 x Bass Boat Technologies Gimbal Bow Mount
  • 4 x Lowrance HDS Live 12 inch units
  • 1 x active target module
  • 1 x 3 in 1 Lowrance Transducer
  • 1 x Lowrance Ghost 47 inch Trolling Motor
  • 1 x Sea Clear Power Harness
  • 1 x Sonic Hub Speakers
  • 1 x Powerpole Charge
  • 2 x Powerpole Blades

Phoenix boats are particularly easy to rig because everything is pretty clean inside the railing of the boat. We run the lines of the nema, ethernet, and the Sea Clear Harness. We mount the 3 in 1 transducer as he requested below the atlas jack plate. There are many options on placement of the transducer. This was his preference. Right after the Powerpole charge is placed on the port side of the back compartment. 

Then we install the Sonic Hub. Carefully drilling the speaker holes placed perfectly for sound and performance. Once thats cleaned up we move to the active target. Mounting the box in the starboard rod locker and running it up to the bow. While all this is going on the Ghost is being installed by the time we run the active target up to the bow. The only thing thats left is to install the BBT mount and tidy everything up on the bow. Installing the two 12 inch Lowrance units last, mounted perfectly. 

wetumpka marine electronics.  wetumpka marine electronics

We then installed his console graphs thereafter and placed his powerpole gateway in the console of the boat. This will link his Powerpole Charge to his graphs. This is a very handy feature to monitor your battery levels and percentage. You can even jump start your motor from this app using the Powerpole Charge.

.  wetumpka marine electronics

After that we finish up with the BBT gimbal mounts for the console and his two Lowrance HDS Live 12 graphs. It is one of the prettier boats we have seen! They are all pretty, but the matte gray really set this boat off. 

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